About Us

What we do

  • We protect your business

    WIRAIL assures:

    • Driving safety under control
    • Monitoring in real time of bogie life parameters
    • Driving emergency alarm vs loco

  • We care of your business


    • Maintenance cost reduction
    • Accidents prevention
    • Assurance cost reduction
    • Freight car tracking in real time


    • On-board pit-stop installation
    • Operating costs reduction
    • LCC optimization
    • Cloud data management

    ​ ​



  • WI-NODE Sensorized bushing to monitor continuosly bogie life parameters

  • WI-MASTERSU - Coordinator for body monitoring and data cloud management


Our Customers, using Wirail System,may benefit of all service package including:

  • Installation service

    Maintenance contract

    Cloud data management

Our Team offers a 360° service for the complete Wirail system


Corso Castelfidardo, 30/A
10129 - Torino